Hungry Pigeon is the dream project of chefs Scott Schroeder and Pat O’Malley. They met as line cooks 13 years ago at ¡Pasion! restaurant, and they haven’t matured a bit despite their combined thirty-five plus years in the restaurant industry. They also have friendship, resourcefulness, and, fortunately, complimentary skills. The two of them plan the Hungry Pigeon’s menus daily. Their girlfriends designed the space, but O’Malley and Schroeder take credit for it every time. 


Scott Schroeder

1. Line Cook/Owner in charge of savory foods/Especially toast on the weekends


2. This Detroit native has lived in Philadelphia for over 20 years


3. Has previously succeeded in not being fired by:George Perrier, Stephen Starr, Guillermo Pernot.


4. He enjoys long walks on East Passyunk Avenue and rose spritzers


Pat O’Malley

1. Chef/Owner in charge of sweet foods/PASTRY POWER/BREAKFAST HOTNESS/DAT DOUGH DOE


2. Originally from: the Washington DC area


3. Has a legit degree in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute   of Philadelphia


4. Did serious time at Balthazar Bakery, where he spent 8 years (274 restaurant years) there as the pastry chef.